Day 277 Risk: Travel Day. No Risking To Speak Of.

On Monday my hubby and I drove back from Vermont, so no real risking took place. We drove, listened to The Shining on tape (or DVD to be more specific), and fell into bed as soon as we got home.

I did take a ton of pictures. Here are a few from our trip.

I am a monkey. I am so strong. I can lift this car high into the air. I am the best monkey in the world.

Cool farmhouse.

Clear skies, gorgeous mountains, great day.

Amazing sunset.

Gorgeous. Freaking gorgeous.

We found a Tim Hortons on the ride home. For those that have never been to Canada, Tim Hortons has the best iced cappuccino ever created and is a little slice of Canadian heaven. Great way to end a great trip.

Oh Tim Hortons. How I love you.


Risky Thoughts

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