Day 275 Risk: Hold A Parrot

One of the reasons my hubby and I love visiting his father is because they have their own little zoo happening. There are four cats, three dogs, three exotic birds, and six chickens (for the eggs). Both of us love animals, and since we don’t have any of our own, we enjoy the cats sleeping at our feet at night and the dogs fighting for our attention each morning during our visits. We even love how the chickens roam around the yard and the birds squawk when we’re eating, saying, “I wanna bite”.

We’ve been up to Vermont for a number of visits and I’ve secretly wanted to hold one of the birds for some time now. I’ve been terrified to even consider holding one though, seeing as their beaks can do real damage. I like my fingers and feel like I may need them as I navigate life.

On Saturday night, as we sat around watching a movie, I threw out that I had yet to hold any of the birds. My father-in-law instantly popped up and took Camen, the mildest one, off of his shoulder (the birds were watching the movie with us) and brought him over to me. I put out my hand and the bird gingerly stepped up on it.

First off you should know that these birds are heavy! His weight surprised me and actually almost dropped him. I stood there, bird on my hand, shaking inside. I kept thinking over and over, “Please don’t bite me. Please don’t bite me.”

Thankfully he didn’t. He tried to take a nip at me at one point, and I was pretty much done after that, but there is no trauma to speak of.

I was a little suspicious of him though…

Don't you dare bite me bird.


Risky Thoughts

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