Day 274 Risk: Take A Walk On A Shoulder-less Highway

On Friday morning, the hubster and I woke up feeling lazy. Super lazy. We were pretty tired from having driven for thirteen hours the day before and wanted a lazy kind of day. Since his family still had school and work, we decided to take a little stroll down the road to visit his retired grandparents.

The street my in-laws live on is a two-lane highway where pickup trucks and SUVs barrel past at fifty miles per hour. We decided to walk, instead of drive, down to his grandparents house, seeing as it was less than a ten minute walk and we could use the moving around after sitting for an entire day. We found ourselves squeezed on the tiny slit of pavement that bordered the road, trying not to take a tumble down the hills that dropped off beside the zooming cars.

I wasn’t too scared after the first twenty feet, but at first I was totally freaked out, fearing that some speeding Vermonter was going to clip me and I would be making a trip to the hospital with a chunk of my arm missing. No accident happened, but pictures did! Check out the gorgeousness:

I took this at the top of my in-laws driveway. Shut up with the pretty.

The walk to Grandma's house.

This is the view from my hubby's grandparent's home. Stupid pretty.


Bonus Risk:

We spent the afternoon with his grandparents and got to hear all sorts of interesting stories about their past, like how they met and the time my hubby’s grandfather got electrocuted when he worked for the electric company in town. All of my grandparents have passed, so this was a real treat for me. I only have a handful of memories from my father’s parents, and only a handful more from my mother’s. I do have great pictures though, like this one of my mother’s mother in June of 1941:

Love this photo. She looks so carefree.

Even though I’ve met my husband’s grandparents many times, I’m still getting to know them. I feared that I would be too intrusive, asking them about times in their life that they didn’t want to recall. Luckily, they were eager to share and I was able to spend a few hours learning about them. We walked away with some cool photos of them too, like this one of my husband’s great-grandfather on a motorcycle:

Upon seeing this my bike-riding husband exclaimed, "It's in the blood! I need another bike."

A great way to start a vaca.



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