Day 270 Risk: Still Sick. Stupid Sickness.

On Monday I still felt sick. I went to work and came home immediately afterward. I felt like crap.

With it being Monday, I had the weekly watch party of The Bachelor with my Fantasy League. I skipped it. I also had the risky risk of an extended invitation to my husband’s work holiday party. He teaches at a respected acting school in the city and I found out later that there was not only an open bar but also live band karaoke (yup, that’s exactly what it sounds like); a breeding ground for risks. I skipped that too.

I stayed home and watched The Bachelor by myself, after which I went to bed early. Sicky, sicky day. Stupid sickness.

Speaking of The Bachelor, what’s up with Ben eliminating Jennifer but keeping Emily and Casey S.? Emily keeps tattle-telling on Courtney and Casey’s just blah. I thought he had a “connection” with Jennifer. I thought she was the best kisser in the house. And yet she’s gone.

Oh that ugly cry. We don't get it either Jennifer. He's an idiot.

Sicky day equals me caring a little too much about things I don’t really care about. Stupid sickness.


Risky Thoughts

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