Day 268 Risk: Try Moonshine

A few of my friends are from the south and they came back from their holiday trip home with a bottle of moonshine that they received as a gift. They had told me about the bottle a while back and I knew immediately that it would be a risk of mine.

Last weekend they had a party at their place and as soon as I walked in, I said, “Okay, it’s time to try some moonshine.” They pulled out the bottle and I cringed a little at the sediment floating around and the coloring. I’ve never tried moonshine before and was a little nervous.

They handed me the bottle and I took a deep breath (bad idea; smelled awful) as I put the jar to my lips.

My inner dialogue: "Please don't taste like crap. Please don't taste like crap."

I expected it to taste like this:


But it actually tasted like this:

What's that you ask? Well that is an apple cider donut. Yes, they exist. And yes, it tasted like that.

**Check out the recipe for the above at DOMESTIFLUFF. Bonus: It’s gluten free!**

It was an explosion of tasty goodness. I was shocked. Moonshine is not supposed to taste that good. But it did taste that good. Stupidly, stupidly good.

As hard as it was, I only took the one sip. I wanted more, but danger lurked in the murky depths of that mason jar.

Oh sweet moonshine. You are the devil in disguise.


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