Day 266 Risk: Suggest A Writing Date

I’ve been going to a weekly writing group sporadically for a few months and have begun to develop some casual friendships there. One such person I haven’t seen in over a month from one or both of us not making it to group. I had actually been wondering about her earlier in the week, so I struck up a conversation with her when she first came in. She mentioned how she had been busy but was finding time to write by meeting up with a friend for writing dates. I instantly thought, “I want to do that.”

I didn’t say anything though. I thought about it, pretending to start on my work, and kept coming back to how I would love to schedule a writing date. But I was nervous that there would be an awkward moment where she would stumble over words in attempt to say no without hurting my feelings. “I, uh… you know, I think… uh… you’re really great, but…”

Risk presented! I knew I had to at least try. So I did. I said that I had wanted to find someone to have writing dates with and wondered if she would be interesting in meeting up sometime. She said she would like that and we exchanged numbers. I couldn’t help but feel like Susan Lucci:

You like me! You really like me!

I usually feel pretty secure in myself. But I do have moments where I question if anyone really wants me around. They are short, punch in the gut moments, and sometimes they come at inconvenient times when a dose of confidence would be helpful. On the plus side, these moments are not nearly as frequent as they once were.


One thought on “Day 266 Risk: Suggest A Writing Date

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