Day 262 Risk: Try A New Recipe

I checked a cookbook out of the library the other day to see if the recipes were something I could get behind. It was a specialty cookbook for people with IBS, so I had high hopes that it could help me avoid some of my trigger foods without losing good flavor.

Instead I found some complex ingredients to acquire and more work than should be allowed. But there were a few interesting recipes, so I decided to try one. I choose a snack item, Pizza Chex Mix.

It involved mixing chex cereal with a tomato paste, oil, and dressing, and then seasoning it with all sorts of herbs and spices, from basil to paprika. Then you microwave (or in my case stove-top heat) the mixture until warm.

The flavoring on this was yummy, hearty and satiating. There was a little too much salt for my taste and it ended up getting soggy by the next day, but not a bad snack if it’s being served immediately. I probably won’t try it again, seeing as it won’t keep, because how much chex mix can should a girl eat in one sitting?

But it was fun to experiment a little.

Chexy goodness!


Risky Thoughts

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