Day 261 Risk: Brushed Back Hair

Saturday was a busy day for my husband and I. We had grocery shopping to do, he had a rehearsal to run that he wanted me to attend, then we had a dinner date. It was a long week, so I wanted easy, but still classy and pretty.

After washing my hair, I pulled out my hair dryer like usual, and then paused. I really, really didn’t feel like doing my hair. And while true pixie cuts don’t need that much work, the cut I have does. Choosing the lazy route, I put away the hair dryer, brushed my hair straight back, and tousled my hair with some product, remembering that even though it was date night, my husband loves me no matter what my hair looks like.

He actually liked it. He commented multiple times through the day that it looked really good. While I wasn’t completely sold, he seemed to dig it. And hey, if he likes it and it’s easy for me, that’s a win-win right?



Risky Thoughts

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