Day 249 Risk: Messy Hair

We left the resort on Monday and after a weekend of relaxing and getting good sleep, the last thing I was worried about was my hair and makeup. So after washing my hair, I simply brushed it back and threw a little gel in to keep it from flying all over the place.

I had offered to help break down from the workshop, loading materials into a truck and helping transport them to the storage facility, and I guess I didn’t realize how much work was really involved. When we were done, I was exhausted and my hair was a wreck. The disaster on my head only magified as we waited for the train and the Midwest flexed it’s arm, blowing intense winds that practically knocked me over.

By the time we got back to the city, my hair was sticking up in strange places and made me long for the days when I could easily pulled it into a bun or ponytail.


I know it doesn’t look like much in the photo, and that this risk doesn’t seem that extreme. But this day was not much or extreme, so that’s that.

I kind of look dudeish….


Risky Thoughts

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