Day 248 Risk: Root For The Giants

Can we add 2012 to this please?

I love football. I’ll watch college or NFL. Not a fan of either team playing? Don’t care. Will still love every minute and choose a side to root for.

As a Chicagoan, I am naturally a Bears fan. As a child of two New Yorkers, I am also a Giants fan. I shunned football for a long time, as I did everything else from my childhood, in an attempt to “be my own person” (insert pretentiousness here). But then there was this play during the Super Bowl against the “perfect” New England Patriots:

4th Quarter, under the 2 minute warning, 3rd and 5. Eli Manning nearly got knocked down, then the helmet catch, less than a minute left and they score a touchdown, stomping out the Patriots hopes of going undefeated. I mean, come on! Talk about history-making football.

Over the course of that game, I went from hating football to realizing that there are certain parts of myself I can’t deny . I have since accepted my love of the game and am now an avid follower.

This season I started out hoping that both of my teams would make it to the playoffs. Sadly, the Bears lost Jay Cutler mid-season and soon after lost all hopes of a Wild Card bid. But not the Giants! So on Sunday I plopped myself down in the lounge bar at the resort to watch their game against the Falcons.

To understand the height of this risk, there are few things you should know. 1. When I watch football, I yell at the screen, cuss, clap, jeer, and sigh loudly. Normally this happens in the privacy of my home or at a bar where everyone else is having the same reactions. 2. The bar I had plopped down at was also a pass-through for the people attending the workshop. And the game was on during lunch. Basically, I wasn’t alone in the bar.

The Giants did well, ended up winning the game, and I didn’t hold back my excitement when they did well or disappointment when they made mistakes. Even though my husband was in a work situation, I was on vaca; I pretty much gave up the idea of keeping up appearances.

I have high hopes for their impending game this weekend against the defending champs, the Green Bay Packers. Although most people believe they are out after Sunday, I have faith. Go G-Men!


Risky Thoughts

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