Day 246 Risk: Approach Someone I Might Know

There are planned social events at the workshop that my husband coordinates; not being a participant in the workshop, these social gatherings are a little awkward for me. As I only knew a handful of people attending the workshop, I found myself wandering around at these events, searching for someone to talk to while my husband schmoozed. Mostly I sipped my drink in a quiet corner.

While at one of these events, I saw someone across the room that looked familiar. If my suspicions were correct, I had just met this person two nights previous, at the storytelling meeting I had attended. I wasn’t entirely sure that it was her, and was tentative to go make an ass of myself by saying “hey you!” and being greeted back with a blank stare.

I waited, figuring I should get a better look at her, and then I realized that I think way too much and that I should just go say hello. Lucky for me she was the woman I had met two nights before. We shared a laugh about seeing each other unexpectedly and in a place we never imagined we’d meet, and then went our separate ways.

In looking back on the evening, the real risk to take would have been to socialize and get to know some people. But I was on vaca and meeting new people felt like a lot of work, considering that my brain had already turned itself off. But, for the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel any sense of guilt about being a bit of a hermit. I sipped my drink in quiet and felt content to be on my own.


Risky Thoughts

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