Day 245 Risk: Not Put Up An Away Message

This risk is a habit leftover from when I was a program coordinator. Being the contact person for a program as large as the one I used to coordinate meant that when I was unavailable for more than a day, I would come back to a full in-box and voicemails all asking me where I was and why I hadn’t returned correspondence. For years I was tied down to this habit out of necessity, and still found myself clinging to it in the months after I left the job.

With my short trip out of town this weekend, I felt the same urge to post my status of being “away. I resisted though, taking the risk that no one would care that I was unavailable and that I would not return to snippy emails concerning my lack of response. The hesitancy with this risk has nothing to do with my sense of importance; I realize people have their own shit going on and that my decision to step out of the technological world for a few days is no big deal. This risk was a break of habit, plus a realization that certain accommodations I used to make are no longer necessary.

So, after writing my away message on this blog (I guess I wasn’t completely successful), I closed my laptop, turned off my phone, and settled in for a relaxing weekend. When I turned everything back on Tuesday morning, I had missed one text message and my email was full of the subscriptions I have to blogs and random retail stores.

Essentially, I didn’t miss anything and no one really noticed that I was gone, which was actually quite refreshing.



Risky Thoughts

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