Day 242 Risk: Draft For A Fantasy Bachelor Team

I am a part of a Fantasy Bachelor/Bachelorette League. Yes, I’m talking about the ABC hit show that helps orange women and muscly men find “love”. It’s a ridiculous guilty pleasure of mine, and watching the show while drinking a pitcher of sangria and yelling at the screen alongside a group of other sangria swilling ladies is how I spend my Monday nights. To make the hot mess of a show more interesting, the group of us draft the contestants, very similar to how it’s done in Fantasy Football. Instead of winning a Super Bowl though, one lucky lady will win this guy:

Oh Ben. All that sexy winemaking does not help that hair situation.

Last night kicked off another season of The Bachelor and I had such a good time having a fantasy team last year that I decided to participate again. Like the football leagues, ours also costs money. It’s not a lot, but it’s still putting money toward something as silly as The Bachelor; I want my money to be well spent.

Drafting is a delicate process. You have to consider not only who you believe will go the furthest, but also who might garner points for you by doing crazy shit, like going skinny dipping with their prospective future husband (it’s what all the previews are showing). So we watch the first episode, turning the TV off before we can see the preview of the season, and draft.

Let the shit show begin.

I ended up with four ladies whose names I can’t remember. Well, except for Jenna. Jenna is the one all the way to the right on the second row from the top. I only remember her name because she brought the most cra-cra last night. I wasn’t sure about her, since the cra-cra will probably get her sent packing pretty early on in the competition. But it was a risk I was willing to take, mainly with the hope that ABC will tell Ben that he has to keep her for a certain number of episodes; she is ratings gold.

Sure, it’s not the riskiest of all risks, but it is a gamble, making the choice as to which contestants to pick. I’ll let you know if the gamble pays off.


4 thoughts on “Day 242 Risk: Draft For A Fantasy Bachelor Team

  1. Hah! I was going to say that the only thing that could make the Bachelor fun to watch would be the occasional, randomly thrown, on-set hand grenade, but you ladies have got it all figured out. Booze, gambling, and mockery are the winning combination. And slightly more legal.

    • Ha ha! Yeah. I wish I could take credit for this one, but I just jumped on the bandwagon. It’s just about the best way to spend a Monday night. SO good meeting you tonight!

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