Day 235 Risk: Play Zelda

I still don't understand why this is named Zelda. The main character is Link. This should actually be called Link. Stupid video games.

Zelda is a video game for Nintendo. It was created 25 years ago and came out with an anniversary edition recently. There are many levels and some tasks to accomplish while you explore the world. And the world is pretty extensive, so the game could go on for quite some time.

This is not knowledge I had before yesterday. In fact, this is not knowledge I even want. I was suckered into playing yesterday with my husband though and now my brain is full of weird joystick movements and strange creatures.

Stress was a daily part of my husband and I’s life over the month leading up to his doctor’s appointment last week. So when we got some Christmas money from family, my hubby expressed a desire to get the above game as something to do to relieve stress. Not normally a video game player, I was a little confused by his desire. But, not normally a video game player, I figured it wouldn’t consume him and I want his stress to go down, so I relented. Oh, and he had one other desire: He wanted me to play too. He said it would be fun and would be a stress reliever for me as well. Although I had my doubts about the enjoyment I would glean, I agreed to try it out.

It was risky, this playing of mine, since there was a chance that I would have to admit my husband was right and concede to the game being worth the cost. Any married individual out there, or control freak like myself, knows that admitting your partner is right can be a game, a game that is tough to lose (of course, all in good fun).

I was skeptical, and sat down thinking I wouldn’t get it and be bored after about five minutes. I must give my husband props on this though, and admit that he was right. I did have fun. I probably won’t be turning on the game regularly, or having it be my first thought when I want to relax, but it was fun.

Damn it. I hate it when he’s right.



Risky Thoughts

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