Day 232 Risk: Throw A Christmas Party

I used to throw parties at my place regularly. For a reason unknown to me, I have all but stopped. At it’s height, I was throwing parties to match the seasons, to watch football, for other people’s birthdays. But I’ve gotten out of the practice of it.

Last year I threw a holiday party and, in all honesty, I think it may have been the last party my hubby and I hosted. On Monday I decided that I wanted to host something at my house on Friday. It was kind of a silly idea, being as most of the people I know in the city would already have left for family affairs by Friday. The invite list was huge though, as I wasn’t sure who was still here and didn’t want anyone to feel alone during Christmas weekend.

I spent all day cleaning, went grocery shopping and probably spent more money then I needed to, and I toiled away my evening setting things up, creating pretty platters with all of our wedding presents that we hardly get to use.

Just call me Betty Draper.

There only ended up being ten of us, so it was a casual, calm affair. We drank and ate and it was quite a nice evening actually. We ended it with a trip to the Music Box (an old timey theater in the city with a live organist!) to sing carols and watch White Christmas.

Even though I was a little nervous to host something after not doing so for a year, I’m glad I did. It was nice to open up our home during such a gushy time of year.


Risky Thoughts

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