Day 229 Risk: Cry At The Doctor’s Office

After a month of waiting, my hubby and I were finally able to get him in for a follow-up appointment for the health problems he encountered right before Thanksgiving. Anticipation for this is an understatement. The last week we’ve probably said, “I can’t wait for Tuesday,” about five times a day.

As my husband was recounting the events of the last month, I felt the tears creeping up my throat and pushing at the back of my eyes. Hearing everything he’s been going through listed out made me realize just how much we’ve been dealing with since this happened. We were both so exhausted.

Once all the tests had been done and we gave all the information on what he’s experienced, the doctor told us what she thought was going on and the news was unbelievably good. The tears could no longer wait and I just started crying as we sat there and found out what needed to be done. I cried out of relief, out of exhaustion, out of sheer need for release. While I didn’t break down and sob like I wanted to, I did freely cry and thank the doctor through my tears.

I feel like I’m a pretty emotional person. But I try to keep those more sticky emotions to myself. I don’t want to burden another person with my tears, and to put that out there is a huge risk for me. It makes me feel uber vulnerable. Sometimes there’s just no avoiding it though.


One thought on “Day 229 Risk: Cry At The Doctor’s Office

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