Day 228 Risk: Not Wear Socks

This doesn’t seem risky upon first reading. To wear or not wear socks is not really a dilemma, more so a choice. But when you live in Chicago, you pretty much choose this option from October through May.

Yesterday was unseasonably warm. Temps reached into the fifties and the sun was shining. If you didn’t see Christmas decorations everywhere, you could have convinced yourself that it was spring. When you live in the Midwest, you hear a lot of talk about the “last nice day”, as though you are about to enter another Ice Age and you will never see a sunny, warm day again. Yesterday was most likely the last nice day we will see until April.

So I busted out some skinny jeans and flats and walked around the city as though the subtle winds that blew through the east/west streets didn’t bother my exposed foot. At first, all was good. It was warm, and even those bone rattling winds that make it feel ten degrees colder didn’t bother me. As the day wore on though, a shift happened. The temperature began to drop, cloud cover blanketed the sky, and I was suddenly cold.

Now do you see the risk? Sure, it seemed as though it would be a warm day, but that tricky hell-raiser known as Chicago Weather had other plans. It’s happened to me before; I don’t know why I believed yesterday would be any different.

Moral of this risk: Always carry socks.


Risky Thoughts

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