Day 224-227 Risks: Not Risk

There has been a lot of seriousness in my life lately. From health problems to personal exploration to just dealing with the holidays, I feel like I’m in a ball of responsibility and adultness. I’m overwhelmed and tired and just want a mental vaca.

So, I’m going to take a few days off from the blog. I’ve done this before now, choosing not to post on vacations and during busy times. But I was still risking, and eventually came back and posted those risks. This is different.

For over six months, I have been analyzing every day. I’ve been exploring putting myself out there, searching out daring things I could do and, in all honesty, I just want a few days where I can have an adventure without thinking of how I’m going to write about it later. While I love this blog and love what it has done for me, everyone needs a break from time to time.

It is a bit risky too. Getting out of the habit of posting, even for a few days, could cause me to get lazy and quit. I could decide that I’ve completed this journey and move on (I have not completed it and know I’m not ready to). But I do think this is necessary for me right now, if nothing else then to break my sense of obligation and responsibility, and just relax a little. I’m going to take a long weekend away from this and will be back to risking on Monday, hopefully with a renewed sense of fun.


Risky Thoughts

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