Day 223 Risk: Take The Afternoon Off

Even though I had decided to take a few steps back from my fevered pursuit of success, I had not completely thrown out working on my writing. In fact, I had created a schedule for myself to address some weaknesses I wanted to work on. I was fully prepared to attack those on Wednesday afternoon, excited to sit down at my desk and check things off of my to-do list.

Enter an adorable dog. We are dog sitting again this week, the same dog as before, and he loves attention. He’s a lap dog and takes his job of sitting in human’s laps very seriously. He did not think I should work yesterday afternoon. In fact, he didn’t think I should do anything other than napping or playing.

While I may not be wise in many areas of my life, I am wise enough to know that dogs are much more enlightened than humans. They spend their days napping in the sunny spot from the window, they are always down for playing and treats, and they love completely. Even if you cross them, they usually forgive you pretty quickly and get back to loving you. So if a dog communicates that my overly controlling grip on my life needs to loosen and advises that I take an afternoon off, then I’m going to listen.

He's so smart.

So I listened. We cuddled while we napped. I rested and decided that the work could wait, but playtime could not. I followed my own decision and took a few steps back, essentially. It was difficult and it took awhile for the guilt of not working to fade away, but eventually I just enjoyed the relaxation, played a good game of tug-of-war, and attempted to teach the dog how to turn around on two legs.


Risky Thoughts

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