Day 220 Risk: Make A Batch Of Chocolate Pretzel Treats

Every December my husband and I make chocolate pretzel treats to munch on. We saw them at an event and figured out how to make them a few years ago, and now it’s a holiday tradition of ours. But I just came off of a week of no sweets. So this one was pretty dangerous.

It's like my dreams in a tin.

They are so freaking good. I munched on M&M’s while making them and found myself licking the chocolate off my hands as I drizzled the pretzels. Once cooled, I put them in a tin, covered them, and placed them on my kitchen table, hoping that would keep them out of sight, out of mind. But then they called to me. “D,” they said. “You know you want to eat us. We are so tasty and delicious.”

So I had a few.

Then I had a few more.

Then, when my husband got home, we had some more.

I’m glad to say that they have survived a few days of sitting on our table. But I definitely ate more than I probably should have that day. I knew it was risky to make these after not having any sweets for a week, but I was feeling the holiday spirit, so I took the risk. And totally caved in to the pressure.

Oh well. At least I didn’t eat the entire tin.


Here is the recipe for anyone that wants to make them:


1 bag of round pretzels (the kind with the traditional twist don’t really work)

2 bags of chocolate chips

1 bag of M&M’s


1. Lay the pretzels out flat on some wax paper.

2. Melt half of a bag of the chocolate chips either in the microwave or over the stove. FOR MICROWAVE: Don’t heat them for longer than one minute without stirring and checking on them. They can get crusty very quickly. FOR STOVE: Make sure to keep the heat low and stir continuously. They will melt very quickly so don’t leave them unattended. **Don’t heat more than 1/2 of a bag at one time so that the chocolate stays warm and doesn’t crust up.

3. Using a spoon, drop the desired amount of chocolate into the center of each pretzel. You don’t need as much as you think, but you can add extra if you love chocolate like me. This part tends to be kind of messy. If you figure out a way that isn’t so messy, please let me know, as I’m usually too focused on the deliciousness to figure out a different way of doing things.

4. Once you have gone through the entirety of the melted chocolate, press an M&M into the center of each pretzel while the chocolate is still warm. If you have assistance, this part can be done while you are doing Step 3. Kids can also help with this part!

5. Repeat.

Let cool completely before eating.


Risky Thoughts

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