Day 219 Risk: Wear My Hair Like A 90’s Reject

I found this picture of Hayden Paniterre the other day and really liked the look:

Fancy or outdated?

Even though it had a 90’s-esque feel, a part of me felt it was also kind of pretty. Since my hair is about that length, I decided to try it out.

While I think Hayden pulls it off, I feel like I looked more like Christy from the 1987 classic movie The Secret of My Success:

Oh diamonds! It's because of the hair isn't it?

The problem that I didn’t think about was that I was attending an ugly sweater Christmas party. Wearing this style hair with a thrift store sweater made me look like I had traveled in time from 1992.

Classy or Coo Coo?

I don’t know how I feel about this. I received multiple compliments on my hair that night, but the jury’s still out for me. Maybe it would look better if I had been wearing a strapless black dress instead of a wretched snowflake sweater vest.


Risky Thoughts

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