Day 217 Risk: Wear My Hair Slicked Back

I didn’t have to go to work on Thursday and really didn’t feel like putting much effort into my hair and makeup. While I had something going on that night, I was only running errands during the day, so I really didn’t need to be presentable.

I’ve noticed with my haircut that I need to do something with it, the days of quick ponytails and buns now long gone. When I’ve left it dry with no product, it ends up looking pretty messy by the end of the day. Lately I’ve been blowing it dry on days I wash it, and using a curling iron on days when I don’t. One thing I hadn’t tried yet was slicking my bangs back and smoothing all the hair down to my head. The risk in all this was that it would look like crap and then my hair would be too full of product to do anything else with it.

To get the look, I ran gel through my hair while wet. I then parted it deeply on the side and doused it with hair spray to keep my bangs back. Even though it looked a little fierce, I really liked it. I thought it looked pretty chic.

As the day wore on, my bangs started to fall a little, which was pretty frustrating. On the plus side though, wearing a hat worked really well with the style; my hair stayed in place in and out of stores.

I’m sorry to say that I completely forgot to snap a photo of this. Turns out Emma Watson has tried this style too, so here’s basically what it looked like:

Sleeky Goodness

Nice alternative for lazy days.




Risky Thoughts

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