Day 213 Risk: Give Up Sweets For A Week

**For those that are interested, I’ve updated my post about doing NaNoWriMo.**

I want to go to there...

I love sweets, all things sweet. I love chocolate cake and every kind of cookie and pumpkin pie and those tiny pastry treats with French names. It is incredibly difficult for me to turn down the sugary goodness, even when full. As my best friend says, “There is a special pocket in your stomach that is just for dessert.”

But recent stress has turned my love of sweets into a bad habit. I had stopped working out regularly and my eating habits had become whatever is around is good enough. I’ve decided that I want to get my body back on track. I’ve already gotten back into exercising, but now comes the tough part: needing to take a break from my love.

This one is going to be tough for me, and not just because I picked the worst possible month to undertake this. I made this decision on Sunday and walked into work Monday to find my bosses candy dish full and a box of Dunkin Donuts muffins in the break room. Thanks Universe. I hate you too. Then I went to Walgreens to get a prescription and by the register the Brachs candy corn was on sale for $.50. I don’t even want candy corn anymore, but in that moment it looked like the best creation from sugar man has ever thought up.

Thus far I have resisted. I’ve wanted to give in more times than I’m really proud of. But alas! I have prevailed! I will do this. No Cake Boss; you will not tempt me with your fondant greatness.

You evil, brillant man.

I will not give in! I will eat apples and fruit and run swiftly away from the cakes and cookies served at this weekends Christmas party. I will not eat you sugary delights!!!


**UPDATE 12/13

I don’t know how but I actually did this one. I almost broke, multiple times, but I held out and did not let one sweet touch my lips all week.

It was not easy. It was tremendously hard at times actually. Between holiday treats out for the picking and my insane addiction to the sweet stuff, I spent most of the week wishing it were Sunday.

The hardest day by far was Saturday. I wanted to give in so badly. Multiple times during the day I turned to my husband and said, “It’s almost Sunday right? Why don’t we go down to the bakery and get some cake? Or maybe I’ll have some cookies at the party tonight. Or maybe…” It was non-stop stream of consciousness as we ran our errands. And my conscious was completely obsessed with sugar.

I didn’t break though. I held out and managed to do what I thought to be impossible. The risk for these types of challenges has been in the failure, and I’ve seen now from doing a few that failure is something I’m both scared of and determined to avoid. That combination makes these risks super risky for me. In the end though, I’m really doing this to prove to myself that I can.

**I do not recommend you cut out decaf in the same week (my husband and I did for health reasons). I spent most of my week massaging my temples. Learn from me and take it one step at a time.



4 thoughts on “Day 213 Risk: Give Up Sweets For A Week

  1. So…working at the school I feel your pain. This is my song for this time of year…”Tis the season for elastic waist lines falalalalalalala!!!” Only take one!

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