Day 208 Risk: Submit To A Local Paper

I had heard about a submission for a local paper doing a fiction edition at the beginning of the month and I decided I wanted to submit. I went back to a short story that I had begun over a year ago, having wanted to come back to it but hadn’t figured out how. So I dug it out and started thinking of how to rework it.

Then my husband’s health problems began and pretty much every goal I had coming up went to the wayside. In the aftermath of that, dealing with all the followup required, I have found my motivation becoming increasingly more strained. I knew the deadline was at the end of the month and on Monday night I looked up the exact date, only to see that it was Tuesday.

“Crap!” I said loudly as my husband put on the Giants game.

“What’s up?”

“That submission I wanted to do is due tomorrow. There’s no way I can rework and revise my piece in a few hours.”

My husband’s response was in a look that basically said, “Really?”

“Damn! Okay. I’ll figure it out.”

And I got to work. The work I had already done ended up going out the window. I kept the idea but started from scratch. Turns out the story had been brewing in my head for some time because it flowed out of me in volumes. I wrote straight for almost two hours. I started from a different place then I had originally, but the story was ten times stronger and more vibrant that the work I did originally.

After getting it all out, I read through it again and again, double checking things, altering little other things. I got my hubby to read it and chime in ideas. And then right at about midnight, I submitted.

I have no idea if the work I put out will rank up there with what others submitted. Who knows if it will end up getting published, but in all honesty I’m just glad I put it up for consideration. I was two steps away from saying, “Oh well”, from throwing up my hands and succumbing to my current state of exhaustion. But somehow I busted out something I could stand behind. Sure, it probably would be stronger if I had at the very least a few more days or weeks with it. For the time frame I had though, I think it was pretty good. And I took the risk of standing behind it in a public way.


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