Day 207 Risk: Wear A Dress Backwards

So I got this dress. And when I put it on in the store, I really liked it and thought it was pretty hot. Then, when I wore it the first time, I noticed that I probably should have searched out a medium. It was a little low cut and since I’m a little bitty, well, you get the point.

I wanted to wear it to work, but thought being a little busty was probably not a great idea. I don’t want to get fired after all, so I had a little debate with myself about it. In a moment of sheer genius, or of utter stupidity, I turned it around. And this is what I got:

Chic or just odd?

It reminded me of a knit version of the dress Hilary Swank wore to the Oscars a few years ago:

I want this dress. If mine, I would wear it around my home like a housecoat.

Okay. Maybe not. But it had the same idea.

So took the weird risk and wore it to work. And surprisingly, no one knew I had it on backwards. Scratch that. No one told me they thought my dress was on backwards. It is completely possible that other people knew. But, as with most of my fashion risks, it didn’t cause any great rift in the universe and brought me a little flutter of nerves, always a good thing to face.

And I thought it looked pretty sweet so who cares right?


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