Day 206 Risk: Apply For A Writing Job

I don’t want to put too much information out there about this because I don’t want to jinx it. But I applied for a freelance writing job yesterday. Well, full disclosure, I applied early this morning, but I’m counting it for yesterday as I did all the work to apply then.

First off I needed a writing sample. Now I’ve written a lot of things, but nothing that really applies to what they would need or want to see. I am getting ready to start creating content for a website that a former employer/friend is creating, so I took a jump start on that and created a potential article. I was actually pretty proud of it in the end.

The next hurdle was creating a writing resume. I had yet to do anything like this and felt a little daunted by the idea of figuring out the different experience I may have, considering that I don’t really feel like I have any experience. Well surprise, surprise; I actually do have some experience! Once I researched the best way to compile this and began, I saw that I have more to offer than I originally thought. Who knew.

My hands began to shake and my heart began pounding as I did a final read through of both, checking for potential grammatical errors and sentence flow. I attached them to an email and then, after composing the email, read it to my husband. The poor thing had to listen to me agonize over five sentences. After getting a bit of encouragement for him, I scrolled over and clicked send before I could think of a reason not to.

And now I wait.

You would think the waiting would be the toughest part, but actually prepping and getting to a point of being okay sending it were much more difficult. At least now I know it’s out of my hands. I’ve done all I can.

Cross your fingers for me!


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