Day 205 Risk: Look Like A Hot Mess

Crap. Now I want ice cream.

Saturday was a particularly lazy day for me. It consisted of watching episodes True Blood and Breaking Bad, combined with little naps and doing a crossword puzzle. Around five my husband and I realized that we really, really needed to move our bodies. So we went grocery shopping.

The grocery store my husband and I prefer is two train stops away. We don’t have a car and enjoy a good walk, so our weekly trip to the grocery store is almost always on foot. This week was no different. The problem, though, is that it started raining halfway through our walk.

Something to keep in mind here is that I hadn’t washed my hair and had been dozing on the couch most of the day, so there was a bit of a nest on the back of my head. Combine with the fact that I had chosen to wear old holey jeans that I carelessly stuffed into my boots and I’m sure you can imagine the level of hot mess I was rocking. So when the rain began pouring down, I gave up completely and succumbed to the sloppy.

As we were walking home later, I mentioned my coat being all askew and my husband said, “Yeah, your hair looks pretty messed up too.”

“Really?!” I cried. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I don’t know.” Silly men.

“Well I guess I just fully committed to my risk for today.”

When I started this blog, I was obsessed with fashion and style. And while I am still pretty committed to trying to look my best, I’m letting myself off the hook more and more with it, realizing that allowing others to see me looking awful is not as terrible as I had once thought.



Risky Thoughts

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