Day 204 Risk: Acknowledge A Stranger Talking About Me

After seeing a concert on Friday night I decided to take the train home. Normally I wouldn’t choose this option, being as I was alone and it was one in the morning, but I hadn’t had anything to drink and I wanted to save some cash, so I skipped the cab.

I only provide this information so that you understand what I was surrounded by. The train on a Friday night at one in the morning is full of drunk people. There are occasionally people getting off from a late shift and trying to sleep or homeless people just trying to stay warm, but the majority fall into the drunk category. Riding the train was a risk unto itself.

I was almost to my stop when a group of intoxicated girls came on and sat down behind me. Originally I wasn’t listening to what they were talking about, but then I heard one speak in my general direction.

“She has great layers!” the girl said.

“Shh!” her friend beside her chided.

“No really she does!”

“Stop! What are you doing? Be quiet!” her friends all chimed in.

“You don’t know! You’ve never had your hair short. I have. I’ve had that. And those layers are really good. You don’t know. I need a hairdresser. You know, new city…” Her speech was a little slurred and not exactly clear.

Practically feeling her words hit the back of my head, I decided that they were probably talking about me. So I turned around, breaking the social train contract of not talking to strangers, and asked her if she was referring to me. Her friends proceeded to chuckle, lowering their heads and saying, “Oh my god.”

“Yes!” the girl exclaimed. “I was. Your haircut is awesome. Your layers are really great.”

“Thanks!” I said. Knowing I couldn’t take credit for something I didn’t actually do, I added, “You should check out my girl Melissa at Gordon in Lakeview! She’s awesome.”

For unknown reasons, I was actually a little nervous to say anything, but I was really curious to see if they were actually talking about me. And having had my hair rocked by Mel many times, I’m always trying to throw business her way. Who knows if this girl will remember our convo, but I figured it would be worth it if she does.


Risky Thoughts

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