Day 202 Risk: Start A Dog Sit

I used to work for an awesome company that did dog walks, dog sits, and sold organic and US made dog products. While I was mainly responsible for general office related work, I used to dog sit on occasion to help out. This came up a few weeks ago at a wine tasting, where we met a couple who have a dog and were looking for someone to sit for them. Since I had experience, it appeared to be a good fit.

Something to know about my husband and I: We love dogs. And when I say love, I mean the kind of obsessive love that makes you pine after the thing you love every time you see that thing. We’ve been wanting to get a dog for some time, but expenses combined with not being home a lot put the idea of being dog people on hold.

All of that may go out the window after this sit.

Check out this adorable guy:

Oh my god with the cuteness. I mean, how could you resist that face?

He’s just about as cute as you can see here, but times ten. And my husband and I are complete suckers for him. We were a little nervous, since he seemed to not like us during our first two meetings. But he warmed up quite quickly and now we love this little guy like he was our own. As I type this, he is sitting on my husbands lap (who is at the computer writing emails) and staring over his shoulder at me. He’s pretty much integrated himself into our every day activities. In a matter of a few days.

I mean, would you please?!

Snuggle time...

After the week my husband and I have had, he is a nice comfort to have around. He’s super snuggly, something I think we both needed, and misses us when we are gone. All in all, we are smitten.

The real risk with all of this is having such a great sit with such an awesome dog. We want a dog badly, but can we realistically do it? Neither of us take the idea of having a dog lightly, but with that adorable face waking us up each day, I’m not sure if we can resist getting our own furry friend for much longer.



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