Day 198 Risk: Pseudo Urban Exploring

Urban exploring is this trend that involves people finding random, abandoned areas and exploring them. They basically go into places that are considered “off limits”, a good camera in tow, and just see what they find. Below is a pic my husband took when he did a little urban exploring while on a recent film shoot:

This is either beautiful or super creepy. I can't tell.

He choose to explore an abandoned grain silo near the shoot. My exploration was a little less dangerous. No loose beams or rickety ceiling fans were in danger of dropping on my head. But I did get the sense that I wasn’t allowed to be there, so I like to think that I was tipping my toe into urban exploring.

I had been working at a writing studio all day that’s in a renovated building on the north side of the city. The building still has a lot of it’s vintage details and it houses all sorts of businesses. It’s a really confusing space, with many staircases to the different levels and a courtyard type area in the center. I had seen from the street this cool glass structure at the top of the building and decided that when I was done writing, I’d go see if I could check it out.

Instead of taking my normal route out, I took a staircase that I’ve never been down before. When I turned the corner, I was practically blinded by neon blinking signs. I wish I could say that I took a picture, but there were random people milling about and honestly I felt a little self conscious.

I continued around the corner and ended at a doorway. The doors were open and inside they were setting up for an event of some sort. There were guys in penguin suits and a bar with those tiny soda bottles and a band doing a mic check. In the background were more neon signs and some old vintage cars. Feeling like I had intruded, I quickly booked it out of there before anyone could ask what I was doing.

When I got home I did a little research and found out that the structure I saw and the place I stumbled upon were part of an events center. To give you an idea of the room I walked into, here’s a pic I found of the space online:

Yes, I will take you for a ride. I mean, if you insist.

I wish I could say that I was a little bit more brave with this one. I wish this post was about how I boldly walked in there, went upstairs and searched around, taking my own pics rather than searching for them online. But I wussed out. I think I was scared of someone kicking me out and after a rough few days I didn’t want to deal with that. But it did get me itching at that urban exploring bug. Maybe next time I’ll step up my game a little.



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