Day 197 Risk: Commit A Facebook Faux Pas

Okay. Disclaimer. The below views are strictly in reference to my preference for using Facebook. I pass no judgment on what other people choose to post.

So Thursday was horrible. Friday I woke up and pretty much felt the same. I needed something, anything really to cheer me up. Not having to work on Friday and knowing I was pretty much going to be home alone all day, I got on Facebook and, without much thought, put out there that I really, really needed some happy thoughts.

I know many people use Facebook in this way, but I personally prefer to use Facebook as a way to keep updated with people that don’t live near me and for posting funny crap on other peoples pages to bring some laughs. I have never taken it to a place of reaching out for emotional help.

The risk behind this was that my friends and few family members on there would get concerned that there was something serious going on with me past a really bad day in a really bad week. This is always hard for me, as I try to only fall apart around my husband. With everyone else, I try to keep my crap together. And while I don’t believe that my daily troubles are of high importance in many people’s lives, I do know that I have a few people who would reach out. Sure enough, after posting, a few texts and phone calls came my way to check in. By the end of the day I felt better and also a little sheepish for putting all that mushy muck out there on a site that I normally view only in a fun and lighthearted way.

The plus with Facebook is that status updates eventually fall lower and lower on people’s News Feeds and eventually no one even knows it was posted. Until now that is. Awkward…


One thought on “Day 197 Risk: Commit A Facebook Faux Pas

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