Day 195 Risk: “Rake” My Yard

Can I get a hot chocolate and a book please?

We have an expansive side yard next to the apartment building I live in. It’s a true luxury in a city where most people maybe have a tiny plot of grass in front of their building, if that. Most apartment buildings back up into the alleys that mark this city and backyards are pretty non-existent, even in the most expensive neighborhoods or behind the biggest homes. I love our yard. But it had become kind of a mess.

Leaves have begun to blanket the sidewalks of my neighborhood. They have also made their way into our yard. Being an apartment building, we don’t have to take care of those sorts of things. But my landlord really doesn’t either, so it’s begun to build up. Wanting a workout but not wanting to do Jazzerise in my living room, I decided to clean the yard. I figured it would be good, productive exercise.

I went downstairs to see what I had at my disposal. My landlord keeps a storage locker in our building that he stores the lawnmower in. I don’t know what other tools are in there but I never found out, as he keeps the door locked. But I did find a broom in the laundry room and figured it was better than using my hands.

I started with the small concrete area right by the gate entrance. I swept the leaves into the yard and rearranged the furniture. I was feeling pretty good about how things were shaping up. So I took the broom out into the yard and began “raking” the leaves into piles. Oh, I forgot to mention, I was wearing long john pants, rain boots, a long coat, sunglasses, and a hat. So add all that to the idea of using a broom to gather the leaves in my yard and you will no  doubt get how ridiculous I looked.

After gathering all the leaves, I decided to finally, finally fall back into them, something I’ve wanted to do for a few weeks. I rustled around and giggled for a bit, and then got back to work, scooping the leaves up and dumping them in my trash can.

When I was about half-way done, I realized that the city must have forgotten our block, because our trashcans were too full to fit any more leaves. I hadn’t exactly planned this out well. I took the broom, went back into my yard, and began spreading the leaves around that I had “raked” into neat little piles. I was, essentially, sweeping my yard.

But I saw it through to the end. Looking foolish is one of the most difficult parts of my journey into risk-taking. I think I pretty much punched it in the face with this one.


One thought on “Day 195 Risk: “Rake” My Yard

  1. I have enough leaves for ALL of Chicago!! At least in my heart I know when I have raked for 2 hours just to wake up the next day to see our nice green grass covered again. The on going saga of mother nature!!

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