Day 191 Risk: Non-Snow Angels

Pretty soon the Windy City will begin to be regularly covered in fluffy snow. Pretty soon after that, the snow will become brown from pollution and frozen, making it look disgusting and feel as hard as a rock. I will probably attempt to do a snow angel at some point, but it’s not something I normally find myself trying due to the pollution factor making it gross and the frozen factor making it too cold.

But the snow has not begun to fall yet. Still, the urge to blend artistic body art with nature overtook me and my friends last night, and we found ourselves making Non-Snow Angels. I actually didn’t suggest this one. I was having a girls night with a few close friends and as we were walking after dinner, my one friend joked about making rock angels, like snow angels but with rocks.

“I’m in!” I said, knowing I couldn’t turn down a risk so nicely laid out for me.

What’s the risk for this? Okay, well first off all, we were doing this on a side street, in front of people’s homes, and therefore could easily have the cops called on us. Also it was Saturday, so the likelihood that people would assume we are trashed was pretty high. Add in the judgment of passersby and you’ve got a pretty hot risk going!

So we all laid down on the rocks and proceed to attempt rock angels.

Me: "What the hell are we doing?" Friend: "Being awesome."

And then, walking along a little further, I suggested we hit up a pile of leaves as well.

Is it just me or does it look like I just passed out on the sidewalk? Not good.

Upon seeing a dumpster of construction trash my friend said, “Dumpster Angels?”, but I drew the line. God only knows what was in that thing.

So much fun. It’s kind of dark in these photos, but if you could see my face, you’d see that I’m dying, dying laughing in both of these shots. I highly recommend that this risk to others. Yes, you may look like an idiot. Yes, you may have people report you for pubic drunkeness. But you will also have so, so much fun.


Risky Thoughts

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