Day 190 Risk: Dance Like A 22 Year Old

I love to dance. Love, love, love to dance. It’s such a fun and freeing thing when you give yourself over to it. And I love all types of dancing. I don’t discriminate! I’ll do a tango with you one minute, then try my hand at hip hop, then have you swirl me around for a waltz. Doesn’t matter; I’ll do it all.

But one type of dancing that I usually practice restraint with is club dancing. You know club dancing. It’s the droppin’ it like it’s hot, booty shakin’ kind of dancing. I used to dance like this, regularly, when I was under the age of 25. Now that I’m edging towards 30, I find I don’t want to showcase myself in that way, that I don’t want the gross guys watching from the bar or the trashy way I feel the next day.

Last night I was out with a group of friends and we ended up at a bar that has this really sweet downstairs area with an awesome DJ. He’s the kind of DJ that plays songs like this:

It’s just the kind of music you want to dance to. And I couldn’t stop myself. I was up on an elevated area in the corner of the room with my friends and I just started breakin’ it down (Just about everyone was dancing, so it wasn’t like I was alone in this). I was attempting to pop and lock, I was shakin’ my ass and showin’ everybody what I was working with. I hadn’t danced like that in a while and a part of me said, “Stop! You are not trashy! You are a respectable woman!”

But the other side of me couldn’t help myself. I was a dancing fool.

A guy came up to me and said, “I’ve been watching you from the bar. You’ve got some moves.” Normally I would ignore this type of guy or send him major signals that I was not into whatever he was selling, but last night I felt a little more open, a little more accepting of whoever he was. So I said thanks and then he asked me to dance and, to my utter surprise, it wasn’t the “I’m gonna rub all up on you” kind of dancing. It was way more respectable than that. At the end of the song he went back to his place at the bar and I went back to my friends. It was so nice to not have him push any further, to just dance.

This morning I woke up with the dread that follows such an exposing type of behavior. I felt nervous that I went overboard, that I was a little too sexual. But then I stopped myself. The only people from last night that I will ever see again (probably) are my friends. And they know I’m more than just a night of dancing. So screw it! I had fun and actually got in a workout (bonus) so screw it. Who cares.


Risky Thoughts

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