Day 187 Risk: Go Pixie Take Three

Okay. I promise this will be the last post about my new haircut. I promise. But the risks just kept coming with this one.

So yesterday was disgusting in the city. Just gross. It was rainy, and then not, and then pouring, then dry, and the wind was blowing just enough that you occasionally would get a splash of rain in your face that had whirled up under your umbrella. Ugh. It was not a day for fancy shoes or dry clean only outfits. It was a day of blah.

Going with the whole idea of blah, combined with waking up late, I didn’t want/have time to do my hair. Now when I say do my hair, I mean blow it dry using schmancy round brush techniques and crazy paddle brush techniques to make it look all pretty like (that’s right boys: It ain’t easy being schmancy). I had dreaded the coming of this day when I decided to get this hair cut, the inevitable day when I would be too lazy or busy in the morning to actually do anything with my hair.

Normally, when in this lazy place, I would slick my wet hair into a bun in the back of my head, a style of mine that increased in frequency after watching Project Runway this season:

Oh Anya. Could you please share your entire wardrobe with me? And then invite me to come hang out with you in Trinidad?

But my cut won’t allow that kind of ease and I was a little nervous about what would happen when I found myself faced with the lazy bug.

It actually didn’t turn out that bad upon first styling it. I put product on my fingertips and just kind of ran my fingers through my wet hair. I fluffed a bit in places and smoothed down in others. And got this:

Kinda flat, but not terrible. I could look worse.

I snapped this photo and ran out the door for my busy day, not really having time to do anything else. While it was pretty flat, it didn’t look as bad as I thought it would.

The remainder of the day was a slow downhill fall though. My hair was sticking up in weird places and puffing out in the back when I wanted it to lay flat. My bangs just looked limp instead of chic. It’s almost like the dampness of it in the above photo was crucial to maintaining a sense of neatness. At the end of the day it still looked okay, but could have looked better.

Glad I tried this out and now know that the kind of hot mess that will stew in the back of my head isn’t completely awful. I do not “do” my hair everyday and knew I wouldn’t begin to just because I got a new haircut. Nice to know that me being in charge of styling this cut won’t be a complete disaster after all.


3 thoughts on “Day 187 Risk: Go Pixie Take Three

  1. Get a small spray bottle from the pharmacy, Tigi Catwalk makes a great salt spray that is super light, smells like the sea, and gives you that damp beach look. I used to never style my short hair (I don’t even do makeup), but after a day of fighting it does wonders and I can just throw the spray bottle in my bag. Hope that helps!

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