Day 182 Risk: Self Promotion…Yet Again

I’ve promoted this blog online twice now. The first time was a mass email that I sent out early on to my friends and family. The second was through a mass email to my book club. I put this out there yet again a few days ago with my writing group.

For the past few meetings I’ve mentioned this blog but there are on average about ten people in attendance, so even though I was putting it out there, it wasn’t in a mass way. But a few days ago I added a link to this on my profile page and then mentioned it on the post about our most recent meeting. There are about a hundred people who are a part of this group, so I basically only know ten percent of the members.

I’m so much more comfortable telling people about this blog in person. I feel like I’ll be understood better if the person actually meets me and gets to know me a little before reading. I worry that this blog really only makes sense to those who know me, that my humor is only funny if you can picture me actually doing it.

Basically I worry that I’m only a good writer to those that know me and can overlook my weaknesses as a writer.

But part of me writing this blog in the first place has to do with my need to get past that insecurity. If I truly want a career as a writer, I’ve got to branch out past people I know. So even though I bite my nails as I upload links like that, I know in the end I’ll be better for it.


3 thoughts on “Day 182 Risk: Self Promotion…Yet Again

  1. Hello, Little D. Just started reading your blog this morning (so it will be a while before I get through the first six months!), but wanted to give you a shout-out of support. I completely understand the fear of rejection and of not being a “good enough writer.” I’ve always wanted to write, but stopped myself for whatever reason. I’m beginning to explore those reasons, and started a blog to say the things I think about every day. Maybe I’ll even finish the play I started many years ago some day… ::smile::

    Keep writing, Lady. You’re an inspiration to us all!

    • Thanks! It’s a daily battle; some days I win, some days I’m bleeding out on the battlefield. Keep writing though! I promise it gets easier. And thanks for reading 🙂

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