Day 180 Risk: Face The Blank Page

You mean I actually have to write now?

This is the bane of all writers. Any writer who claims to have not experienced the horror and struggle of this is lying to you. Lying all up in your face. You should threaten to defriend them on Facebook if they don’t close out the browser and get back to writing.

Yesterday I signed up for NaNoWriMo. And today I faced the blank page. An idea and no way to begin it. Thankfully I enter the crazy-making with the knowledge that I have at least written an entire book; that it can be done and I can do it. The problem is I’ve only ever seen one manuscript fully to completion and have secretly doubted that I had another in me. Was that a fluke? Do I have one shot in me and now it’s up? Will I ever write again?!

Knowing I was freaking myself out, I stayed up super late Monday night, signed on to the online chat room to commiserate with other weirdos like me, and when the clock struck midnight, I began. I opened up a new document and stared. I had the idea but where to begin? How do I tackle this? Knowing I was over thinking the whole thing, I put fingers to keys and just began. I was exhausted but jazzed and had to stop myself, knowing I would keep going and stay up way too late. I went to bed feeling pretty good about what I had gotten through.

I decided to attend a Write-In (where a bunch of other crazies like me come together to challenge each other and drink coffee) last night to jump start me some more and begin the month off right. **Bonus risk: I went not knowing anyone there! I ended up knowing two people from the weekly writing meeting I’ve been doing, but I went thinking I’d be all lonely and awkward. It’s getting easier! Praise the sweet lord!**

Thankfully the regional liaison was there and motivated everyone with speed writing challenges and goodies for reaching their word count goal, otherwise I may have wasted the entire time fartin’ around on random sites and Facebook. When I got a look at the goodies, I realized I needed to get my butt in gear. There was a sweet sticker that I really, really wanted:

I mean, wouldn't you work your butt off for this?

So I closed out the free Wi-Fi, buckled down, and wrote. I wasn’t as happy with what I produced as I had been the night before, but I was happy with my final word count (1793; my goal was 1667!) and I landed the aforementioned prize, so all in all life was lookin’ pretty good.

Now that I’m a little into it I feel better. I think it’s the initial hump of starting and facing that blank page that intimidates me. So much room to fill. And damnit, I will fill it. I will fill it with sweet nothings of awesomeness.


Risky Thoughts

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