Day 177 Risk: No TV For A Week

**I’ve updated my post from my Monday doctor’s appointment. In case you’re interested.**

Yesterday I began the first day of a TV ban that I have put on myself, or to be a little more accurate, a Netflix ban. I’m a bit addicted to Netflix. It is a sickness, one that is not yet recognized by the Board of Health, but I believe will be given it’s proper label soon.

The really difficult thing is I’m obsessed with watching TV on Netflix. And that means I can just watch one episode after another after another and then suddenly realize that five hours have passed and I’ve gotten nothing done. I don’t do this everyday, but I do it often enough to be a problem.

So I decided to put myself on a ban from watching Netflix, or really any TV. The only exception I was going to make for myself is NFL Sunday (I can’t go without this) and watching something on my computer when I workout. Other than that I’m going cold turkey. And the risk for me in this is that I won’t stick to it, that I will be held accountable strictly by knowing that this post is up.

I already have seen what I can accomplish without it too. I decided at the last minute to go out as Cleopatra for Halloween and with no TV, I didn’t get distracted from putting together this last minute costume:

Bow to me boys. Kiss my bedazzled feet.

I also found that I didn’t really miss it. There were a few moments where I would normally turn it on, just as background noise or for no real reason truthfully. But I managed to keep it off. So success thus far.

I promise this whole week will not be risks about my TV watching or lack thereof. One or two may pop in but I promise I will be taking other risks too. I will update this post in a week to let you know my progress. Wish me luck!


**UPDATE 11/6: I did it. I can’t believe I did it, but I did it. The only TV I watched from Saturday until Saturday was Sunday Football and then 2 hours of random online shows while working out.

Nighttime was definitely the hardest, as this is my go-to wind downer. On Wednesday I came home and was so exhausted that I wanted to turn my brain off, so that was one of the harder evenings. Friday afternoon was also difficult, but that was mainly due to lack of motivation and wanting to drone away the hours.

My work ethic improved somewhat. I got more done than I have in past weeks, but honestly not as much as I thought I would. Truthfully, I found other distractions, like YouTube videos and uninteresting Yahoo “news”. But on the up side I was able to successfully take naps multiple times this week, something I normally struggle with and would probably not have done if I were allowing myself TV.

If nothing else, I have the knowledge that I did it. I stuck to what I had said I was going to do, so really I got what I wanted. And to be truthful, I didn’t really miss it.


3 thoughts on “Day 177 Risk: No TV For A Week

  1. GO DENISE! I too have this addiction. I completely understand. I’ve been thinking about cutting myself off too. You have inspired me. I’m going to do it. xoxoxo

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