Day 176 Risk: Apply For A Holiday Job

I really didn’t want to do this. I have thoroughly enjoyed not having to work an extra job. Being able to at least attempt, some days succeed, at working on something I love has been lovely.

But I’ve gotten a little dose of reality lately and seen that while my hubby and I are fine financially, our “fun” expense account has significantly diminished. There are certain things we want to do, as well as classes and workshops I’d love to take, that are not financially responsible considering we are focusing our funds on me writing more, working less. A holiday job seems like the perfect way to work my butt off for a time and then be able to leave without any drama or expectation.

So I printed out my resume, something I haven’t done in quite some time, and walked up the street to a paper store in my neighborhood. I love crafty stuff and figured if I’m going to work, it should at least be somewhere fun and creative.

The craft gods are calling...

I felt a little nervous walking in there, knowing that I would have to fill out an application, also something I haven’t done in years, and for some reason that makes me feel self-conscious, as though I will have pity thrown my way for needing to apply for a job. Ridiculous, I know, but that’s how I was feeling.

Unfortunately they have already hired their holiday help. But they are considering hiring another person and their other location may also need help, so the woman I spoke with said she may be calling me or having the other store call me.

Now that I’ve gotten over the initial down feeling of getting another job, I actually kind of want it. I think it would be fun to do crafty things, just for fun, with no goal towards furthering my career or with any intent on progressing to the next step in the company. I haven’t held a job in a long time that allowed me to just have a good time with it, with no need to exert any emotional or mental energy or feel the need to be in constant improvement. A job where I can turn my brain off from it when I leave. Sounds kind of refreshing actually.


Risky Thoughts

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