Day 173 Risk: Not Wear A Bra

Do not search out this post for pics. I did not take any of my saggy twins. But I did spend the day without underwired, cupped protection.

The only thing I had planned for my day was to attend a close friend’s son’s birthday party. So a bra was not needed for the normal professional or fancy dress up reasons. I could have spent the day in sweats if I wanted to (I didn’t; let’s be real, I couldn’t) but chose to put on a dress. The bust of that dress gave me a little bit of umph, but did not provide the normal hiking up that my tatas need.

Okay, why is this a risk. Without getting too vulgar, let’s just say that I “developed” earlier than everyone I knew, and could more closely be compared with Joan from Mad Men than Angela from The Office. The ladies are large. And contrary to popular male belief, those suckers don’t stay up on their own.

So walking around with like a 70’s love child is not something I normal prescribe to.

But I just didn’t feel like it today. No grand reason; I’m not trying to start a revolution or an Occupy Victoria’s Secret movement. I very simply just didn’t feel like wearing one.

So the ladies drooped a little today. I didn’t have any grand discovery or get any strange looks. The most enlightening thing I gained was noticing that my knockers are pretty heavy, a fact I learned through the tiny strap on my dress cutting into the back of my neck.  That sliver of fabric sure earned it’s paycheck today.


2 thoughts on “Day 173 Risk: Not Wear A Bra

  1. Freedom is a wonderful thing…guys just don’t understand. How many of them would wear a securing jock strap everyday for 10-15 hours?!!

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