Day 170 Risk: Attempt To Ask Diablo Cody A Question

Diablo Cody is the rad writer of Juno. She’s done other things as well, but is most widely known for that. Saturday night she was at The Music Box on the north side of Chicago, along with director Jason Reitman and actor Patton Oswalt for a viewing of their new film, Young Adult. Lucky for me I’m on The Music Box mailing list and was able to score two tickets to the secret showing. Here’s the trailer, in case you’re interested:

Okay, first off the movie was hilarious. We laughe our asses off. You should check it out when it hits the theaters.

There was a Q&A after the showing and we decided to stick around for it.

Oswalt, Cody, and Reitman

I sat in my chair and listened, having no real intention of asking anything. But then I decided that I did have a question, mainly dealing with Diablo Cody’s writing process. I was a little nervous to get up, seeing as there were 700 people there and Patton Oswalt was pulling old stand-up comic moves, ragging on audience members to all of our delight. But I’m always fascinated with the way other writers get around to their end product and knew I couldn’t pass up the potential risk.

The guy with the mic saw that I had my hand up and motioned that he was coming over to me next. He then leaned down to the woman at the end of my row. And she asked my question.

At that point I put my hand down, having nothing else to ask at the moment. Other questions did come up, again having to do with Diablo’s process, but she ended up answering them as she answered other people’s questions. In the end I didn’t get up and ask anything. I felt okay with it though, as finding something to ask just to ask seemed pretty ridiculous.


2 thoughts on “Day 170 Risk: Attempt To Ask Diablo Cody A Question

    • I know right?! I was so disappointed. And then when she got into her process I realized that Diablo was reading my mind and that I didn’t need to speak. Very cool.

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