Day 169 Risk: Prep It Up

If you wander around this blog at all you can see that I like to experiment with style. I don’t mind trying something new when it comes to clothes or hair and am kind of always on the lookout for different ways I can jazz things up.

You will also see that I’m a bit funky with style and wouldn’t fit in well with certain circles. So this risk was a little outside of my normal range of style.

At the clothing swap I went to a few weeks ago I got this really pretty yellow sweater that I hadn’t figured out how to wear yet. And I’ve been dying to wear it. I knew I couldn’t go black pants because, well, bumble bee is not exactly my style of choice.

I pulled out a pair of deep blue pants that I haven’t worn in awhile and tried the shirt on with those. Cropped a little too short for the high waist of the pant, the shirt helped to accentuate my lady pooch (as I like to call it). Not very attractive. So I tried a tank top under it and a short sleeve shirt over it; both looked pretty silly. Finally I grabbed a collared shirt and tried it under the sweater.

Is that a foot for a head? Weirdo husband...

**Disclaimer: Little D apologizes for any disgust the reader may have received from having to see her husband’s gross monkey feet. Little D can not be responsible for any sickness that now develops. Just be happy you don’t have to smell them.

I actually really like the look. I found it was pretty flattering, something I didn’t think would happen with the twins (the girls, the tatas, the melons, whatever you call them) being long out of a size A cup. Not being able to just stick with preppy, I threw on some big earrings and a flashy ring. I felt like I should be going to a class on Nautical Law at Harvard.

Even though I’m not normally so academic in style, I’ll probably try this out again. After all I do need to prepare for my future days of living in Marthas Vineyard and parties on boats.


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