Day 165 Risk: Fly

The mass making of cheese balls was all in preparation for the gala my husband was organizing on Monday night. My husband’s business can only accurately be described as Violence Design (for stage and film) and this gala was a coming together of combat organizations from all over the city and suburbs. One of these was a wire work organization.

Wire work is basically the use of harnesses and wires to create those cool flying techniques you see in movies and on stage. It is usually very successful, like this:

But can also be very dangerous, like with the  awful circumstances of Broadway’s production of Spiderman. My husband attended Stunt School a few years ago and was able to do some really cool things with the wires. I was a bit jealous, thinking that it looked so cool and fun. So when the group who brought the wire work equipment said they were going to fly people at the end of the night, I knew that I had to do it.

Okay. A few risks with this one. The obvious is that it is dangerous. You are being lifted into the air with only a harness and some wires. Safely done many times over, but still. Then there was the risk of flashing everyone, being as I was wearing a dress. Finally there was looking like a fool in front of all of my husbands colleagues.

But really, how could I pass this up?

I was a little nervous…

Oh god, oh god, oh god...

…but then got the hang of things…

Is my crotch showing? I feel like my crotch is showing.

… and decided to try some flips.

I am so ready for a Kung-Fu movie.

The only word I can think to describe this risk is exhilarating. So fulfilling. I felt really self conscious at first, feeling like I must look ridiculous and that I was so flashing everyone. Eventually I started having fun with it, posing when they flew me across the stage, flipping over and over again. I would have stayed up there all night had they not pulled me down.

Hooray for this blog. I’m not sure if I would’ve had the guts to get up there without knowing I needed to post something. And that was too fantastic to miss out on.


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