Day 164 Risk: Make 150 Cheese Balls

My husband planned this huge professional event for Monday night. It was going to be a coming together of like minds for a showcase of demos and with tables set up for people to pick up materials. On Sunday morning he got up early to go get some food to serve. When I asked him what he was going to buy, he said things like pasta salad and sandwiches. I laughed and said, “Do you want me to plot this out?”

“God yes,” he sighed. “That would be a huge help.”

I planned out a menu of finger foods and to help him save money, I figured we could have people walking around with platters rather than just setting things out on a table. Even though I’m super experimental with food, I know others are not. So mostly it was fruit and cheese type plates. But I decided to also prepare cheese balls.

Now something to consider: They estimated about 75 people there. I’ve never cooked for more than about 15. I really didn’t know how to go about planning for that many people. That and I didn’t want to spend my time rolling all of this cheese to watch it get moldy. Sunday night found me in the kitchen like I was in the PTA and had an upcoming bake sale.

I began rolling. And rolling. And then rolling some more. It took me the entirety of the Bears game (Bear Down baby! We kicked Minnesota’s ass!) to make all of these. I realized pretty early on that I didn’t have enough nuts to make traditional cheese balls. So I had to come up with a few different recipes pulling from random things in my pantry.

I wasn’t really sure how they were going to be received, but everyone seemed to enjoy them. They flew off the platters like feathers in a breeze. There were only a few left at the end of the night. Sorry for no pics. Didn’t think to take any until right now. I’ve included the recipes below though for your future hors d’oeuvre needs.

D’s Special Cheese Balls (go ahead and insert your own “That’s what she said” joke):

Ingredients: Equal parts goat cheese and mozzarella cheese for the base ball and one of the following for the seasoning:

1.) cinnamon and dried cranberries

2.) chili pepper, cumin and paprika

3.) rosemary, garlic and pecan bits

4.) orange zest, orange juice and almond bits

Pulse the mozzarella cheese with the 1.) cinnamon or 2.) chili pepper and cumin or 3.) rosemary and garlic or 4.) orange zest and juice.

Smooth together the goat cheese with the mozzarella mixture and roll into 1 inch wide balls. Roll in other ingredient in the numbered list. Make all four creations for variety.



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