Day 162 Risk: Wear A Blingy Ring

Some people would say I have style. Others would say I’m a bit gaudy. Still others would say I just know what I like, a tasteful way of saying, “Ewww.” I like to think of myself as an experimenter. Some experiments work, others fall flat. The following for me falls somewhere in the middle.

I had to work all day yesterday and really wanted to wear my teal earrings but don’t really have anything to match it. When I originally got the earrings I was also given a ring:

Oh the "diamonds"!

I haven’t worn it yet, mainly because of the fake diamonds that surround it. I love the shade of the teal, hate all that blingy jazz going on around it. Just not my style. But I decided to try it out anyway.

As usual the earrings were a hit. And the ring didn’t really bother me all that much. Until the afternoon that is. In the morning my job involved helping to make a workshop run smoothly. But in the afternoon I was a part of the workshop and in a position of being noticed.

At one point while I was talking, I saw 3 people following my hands, not looking at my face. When it happened again a little later, I realized that my fun risk had become a job hazard. Most of the time my experiments with fashion don’t come into play with my job. But when people were more interested in my blingy goodness than what I was saying, I realized that my being taken seriously was slowly degrading. I took the ring off immediately.

I don’t know if I’ll wear it ever again. This may be one of those pieces that ends up at a clothing exchange in the near future. But I hate the idea of owning something and never using it. So at least I can say I tried!


Risky Thoughts

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