Day 157 Risk: Let Horses Eat From My Hand

It has been stunningly beautiful in Chicago the last week. Wanting to utilize the warm weather while we still could, I organized a last minute trip to Wisconsin to pick apples and eat cheese curds.

For those that don’t know, Chicago is very close to the Wisconsin border and just over the border are tons of pick-your-own apple orchards. There is a little store up the street from the orchard we like and we can’t go to Wisconsin without stopping for cheese curds (oh my god these are amazing) and freshly made apple cider donuts, so that was also a part of this excursion. My husband and I have been going for years and this time we decided to include friends.

After our journey into the land of awesome, on our way back to the dirty city, we saw a pen full of horses. A few cars had pulled over to feed them.

“That is so cool!” I said.

“Do you guys want to go?” said our DD.

“Hell yeah!”

“Yes, absolutely.”

“Please let’s do it!”

We were all pretty pumped.

My friend swerved over swiftly and popped the trunk. We each grabbed an apple and slowly approached the horses. I was so freaked/excited for this risk. I’ve never fed a horse before and hadn’t been close enough to pet one in years. And they were horses! Who knew if they would chomp on our hand? Don’t laugh. I’m a city girl. I don’t know about wild animals.

I finally worked up the courage:

So much spit. So creepy. So freakin' cool.

That particular horse was so slobbery. There was spit dripping off his nose. It was pretty gross. And you could feel their tongue on your hand. Also super yuck. But it was also so rad! I mean how many times will a non-horse ridin’ city girl get the chance to have a large animal eat out of her hands? I don’t know if I ever will again, so I’m glad I took this risk. Fun times.


One thought on “Day 157 Risk: Let Horses Eat From My Hand

  1. Looks like you nailed the stance…hands open and flat, curled fingers get caught up in the bite for the apple! They are pretty awesome animals.

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