Day 156 Risk: Go Gaga Over A Baby

I have friends who regularly throw parties and there are many people that I know only through these parties. We see each other a couple of times a year and while I get along with all of these people wonderfully, I normally do not talk/see them except when my friends are feeling festive.

One of these parties was occurring on Saturday and a couple who just had a child were there. I haven’t seen them since they had their baby and had yet to meet the little girl, so I was pretty stoked when I saw that they were coming.

And I was a complete freak about their daughter.

I don’t think I’ve seen a baby so chill and happy and open to others. She’s pretty much a rock star and I pretty much could not stay away. I’m surprised that they continued to allow me to hold her and hang with her, being as I was such a weirdo.

This is a risk for more than the obvious of creeping out new parents. The big part of this risk is how much the people in our lives are trying to get us to have babies. Me going crazy over a baby is pretty much an admission to those people that I’m ready for kids. And the people around me that day were not shy about saying so.

I’m not ready for kids. I don’t know when I’ll be, if ever. Most of the people in my husband and I’s life are convinced that we will have children one day. Truthfully I have no idea. I can see my life going either way. I won’t even consider children until I can’t see me life going the non-child route. That doesn’t stop our friends and family from using every opportunity they get to point out how we must be ready.

But that kid was so cool! And I had a good time with her. My obsession with their kid was just because their kid is pretty rad. Nothing more. And since others view it as me craving my own child, I pretty much put myself in a position of hearing why I should bred every time I think a baby is pretty cool.

I don’t care. That kid rocks.


Risky Thoughts

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