Day 151 Risk: Host An Impromptu Dinner Party

On Sunday we made plans to have dinner Monday with a couple we are friends with. When my friend text me Monday morning to figure out what we were going to do, I invited him over to our place and we ended up adding another couple into the mix. Suddenly, I was having a dinner party.

Okay, the risk in this. First off I was cooking and there’s always the risk that the food could not turn out. There was also a risk I wouldn’t actually get food done, being as I already had a booked day. But I’ve been really wanting to have a dinner party ever since we bought our new table (our 1st anniversary present to each other was a really sweet wood table with metal chairs) and our summer was too busy to actually do this. So I decided to find a way to make this work.

I went to a late lunch/drinks with my friend who just got married and while I knew I should have left a good 45 minutes before I did, she was talking about the wedding and the honeymoon and it was so hard to pull myself away. When I did finally leave the restaurant, I had to constantly stop myself from running to the train.

Thankfully both couples were running late, so the fact that I was still cooking when they arrived was no big deal. On top of that the pizza I made wasn’t too terrible. It was a new recipe so I wasn’t so sure going in to it. And as a bonus I was able to use our wedding plates, silverware, and pull out the platters for appetizers. What’s the point of getting all that stuff if you’re not going to use it right?


Risky Thoughts

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