Day 150 Risk: Attend A Clothing Swap

I love clothing swaps. One man’s (or in this case WO-man’s) trash is another man’s (WO-man’s) treasure. That and I love new-to-me things, whatever they are. I never pass up an opportunity to clean out my closets and at the same time get some new pieces.

But usually I do this with a big group of people that I know. I know all of their styles, I know what they were doing last week that I can ask about. These friends know that I will love certain items and will set them aside for me. Basically, it’s comfortable. This was being thrown by someone in my book club and I was pretty much going with the knowledge that I may only know her.

When I arrived I found that I wasn’t that far off. There was one other person there from book club but the rest were women the host worked with or had done a dance project with. I always get so nervous in these situations. I don’t want to talk too much, something I got bad marks for in grade school, or not talk at all and seem too distant. I don’t want to intrude on other people’s conversations, interrupting their catching up. Basically I over think these sorts of events and get all hyped up for nothing.

And that was the case this time as well. Once there and with a cupcake in hand, I was able to navigate conversations and meet new people. I was also able to go home with so many great new pieces. I felt a little awkward continuing to add to my pile, but then I realized that all of this was going to Goodwill if we didn’t pick it up, so I shopped away.

In the end I met some really cool ladies, got some great new-to-me clothes (see awesome black coat below!), and took one step closer to my fear of unknown social situations. Successful risk if I do say so myself!

Not bad for $0.00


One thought on “Day 150 Risk: Attend A Clothing Swap

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