Day 149 Risk: Live and Let Live Or Keep My Mouth Shut

Wrigley Field has come under new management. And that new management is trying to make special things happen. And people like me are happy to take advantage of those special things.

So on Saturday evening, my husband and I settled into the bleachers to watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Never seen it? We are officially no longer friends. Go to Netflix right now and put it at the top of your Queue. And watch this clip to get you excited.

The movie takes place in Chicago and there is a scene at Wrigley Field where Ferris catches a foul ball. This weekend was the 25th anniversary of the movie and Wrigley was pretty much a perfect setting for a showing.

The bleachers were pretty packed, as was the field:

Awesome. Freakin' Awesome.

…but we had somehow nailed (i.e. my awesome friend saved us) sweet seats up front with no one really around us. That is until right before the movie was about to start. A very drunk group of people plopped down next to me, whipping out a flask and jeering at the presenters.

Now I didn’t really care at first. But that feeling of whatever slowly deteriorated as the movie began. The guy next to me (who proceeded to drink six beers after his flask was empty) began quoting the movie. Scratch that. He began his own one man show of the movie, complete with sound effects. I didn’t realize how much it was getting under my skin until he went to get another beer and I had a break from his constant chatter.

My husband heard as well and we both exchanged looks of, “Oh come on!” I was on the verge of saying something when I realized that this man, however drunk he may have been, was enjoying the movie in his own way. It wasn’t my way, or probably many other people’s way. But it was his way. Who am I to tell him how to have fun?

So instead of getting all uppity and asking him to stop, I decided to take what chips I was thrown and work with them. I began quoting too, to my husband mostly, and shaking my head at his drunkness. I tuned him out eventually and had a really great time. It went against my nature to not say anything, so I think the real risk was to just live and let live, rather than trying to control. Whatever. It was fun and I wasn’t going to let some trashed dude ruin that.

Later I found myself with a group of people at a friend’s hockey game. One of friend brought his guitar along to play in between periods and to sing happy birthday to our friend on the ice. We were laughing and singing and dancing. There were only about 10 people there other than us. I’m sure they were annoyed but it made me realize that sometimes you need to just get over things and play along. And it made me really glad that I didn’t have to eat my own words.


Risky Thoughts

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